Join Miami photographer Jake Butters in a 2 hour drone photography workshop

4PM | FEBURARY 26, 2017

Topics Covered

  • Drone safety and insurance
  • FAA regulations for hobby and commercial drone operation
  • We'll discuss the variety of drones currently available and the pros and cons of each
  • Learn how to scout for unique aerial photo locations
  • I'll teach you drone operation techniques and tips to get you off the ground while preventing accidents and flyaways
  • Learn how to capture the highest quality images in-camera using a variety of techniques and accessories
  • Discussion on editing software and techniques best used for turning your drone photography into art!
  • A one on one editing course is available for an additional fee*
Jake Ryan Butters is a creative director and commercial drone operator. He enjoys capturing Miami from high above and sharing with his international audience on Instagram. Chances are, if you see a helicopter flying around with someone half hanging out and taking photos, itโ€™s probably Jake. We appreciate every high flying angle he gets whether from helicopter seat or drone!
— Brickell Living